Giuseppe Bianco, Charles T. Wolfe, Gertrudis Van de Vijver, editors - Canguilhem and continental philosophy of biology



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Phillip Honenberger - All Knowledge Is Orientation : Marjorie Grene's Ecological Epistemology Chapitre
Pierre-Olivier Méthot - Analytic and Continental Approaches to Biology and Philosophy : David Hull and Marjorie Grene on "What Philosophy of Biology Is Not" Chapitre
Mathilde Tahar - A Bergsonian Perspective on Causality and Evolution Chapitre
Charles T. Wolfe - Canguilhem and the Promise of the Flesh Chapitre
Levi Haeck and Gertrudis Van de Vijver - Canguilhem's Divided Subject : A Kantian Perspective on the Intertwinement of Logic and Life Chapitre
Thomas Ebke - "Dilettantes of Life." : Franco-German Refractions of Anthropogenesis in Twentieth Century Philosophy Chapitre
Jessica Lombard - French Philosophy of Technology and technoscience : A Study on the Mode of Existence of Bio-objects Chapitre
Giuseppe Bianco, Charles T. Wolfe and Gertrudis Van de Vijver - Introduction Chapitre
Henning Schmidgen - Knowledge, Life and Error : Nietzschean Themes in the Work of Georges Canguilhem Chapitre
Giulia Gandolfi - Life, Concept and Purpose : The Organism as a Connection in Kant's Critical Philosophy and Georges Canguilhem's Historical Epistemology Chapitre
Sebastjan Vörös - Neither Angel Nor Beast : Life and/Versus Mind in Canguilhem Chapitre
Massimiliano Simons - Self-Organizing Life : Michel Serres and the Problem of Meaning Chapitre
Giuseppe Bianco - "Unknown Material" ? : Georges Canguilhem, French Philosophy and Medicine Chapitre
Paul-Antoine Miquel - What is Biological Normativity ? Chapitre